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Love hiking?  But need more information on:

  • ⭐  what to wear
  • ⭐  what to eat, and
  • ⭐  how to train for something requiring more fitness than you currently have - safely and responsibly.

You want to be more adventurous right?  You are ready for that bigger hike, more remote destination, something exciting and a little bit scarey.  A hike that will stretch you.

Let global hiker Jo Cordell-Cooper share her expertise so you know what gear is absolutely essential to keep you warm, safe and comfortable (and what's a waste of money).

Learn about some simple and inexpensive ways to feed yourself while you hike - some nutrient rich foods that are light, easy to prepare and keep you energised throughout your adventures

Importantly Jo will share her preparation for hiking expertise, from long day walks to multi-day walks, from sea level to altitude.  This covers how do you get fit enough to complete 7 to 9 hour wilderness hikes while additionally juggling all the things you have to juggle like work, study, raising a family - there are many ways to prepare for hiking that are very time efficient.

 #10walks10weeks is a 10 week preparation for hiking email series sharing Jo's hiking hacks that ensure you will be HIKE READY by the time your adventure comes around.  

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As Heard On:

"Over a 6 month period Jo supervised my training for an endurance walk. As I have a fairly unique body the goal of walking 25 km in a team was initially daunting. But bit by bit I got stronger and more capable. I learned how to prepare mentally as well and physically, and nutrition on the day and leading up to the event was addressed too. Having this goal inspired me, and I loved having a challenging event to look forward to knowing I was well prepared for it. If you have an challenging event coming up I highly recommend Jo to get you HIKE READY!"

Marg Marshall

Current Client

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