Deep Water Gymstick

The resistance of the Gymstick bands make a downward kick a strong Hamstring and Glute workout

Deep water gymstick is a no impact but high intensity workout. If you are already doing aqua aerobics, you’ll find many of the moves similar. It’s a harder workout though because of the elasticated resistance bands that are attached to your feet. The extra resistance changes the water-based muscle contraction to a much more functional land-based muscle contraction – if you are getting lost here just understand, this is a very good thing!

I trained in aqua gymstick (now called gymstick H2O) a few years back and immediately saw the potential of this piece of exercise equipment. I set about developing a complete deep water gymstick class (freestyle), and added gymstick to aqua bootcamp and antenatal aqua. The gymstick is designed in such a way as to uniquely engage the core and it actually addresses poor posture by tensioning the shoulders down. It’s perfect for antenatal clients that need to focus on inner core. The biggest result I have seen in my regular deep water gymstick participants is a reported improvement in posture in the pool and improved back health thereafter.

 Aqua Gymstick Class Times

  • Thursday at 9.30 am
  •  Hobart Aquatic Centre or within water based personal training

I’m really sold on the potential of deep water gymstick and here is my favorite testimonial around it

“I cannot rave about dwaq gymstick enough! The Aqua gymstick IS what’s getting me into shape after baby #3. I can exercise relaxing my tense shoulders & knowing my posture is fabulous. You know you’ve had a fantastic workout when you hop out of the pool feeling like you look like Elle MacPherson.”         

Mardi – Mother of 3

Another great testimonial for deep water gymstick

“Deep water aerobics & gymstick have helped me get rid of my sciatic pain that I have endured for 2 years. They have also helped me lose over 5 kilos & tone my muscles without aggravating my back. If you have exhausted all avenues & still haven’t achieved the results you wanted, I highly recommend you give them a try.”

David – Regular deep water aqua evening participant

Bookings are essential – contact Jo now 0409 862206  or email  to enrol