Eating for Energy and Zing

Challenging habits & mindset while eating real food that energises

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Ready to live with energy and zing by eating delicious food that is inexpensive, simple to prepare and that the whole family will eat?

Eat for Energy and Zing

Eating well and being healthy just got a whole lot easier with my proven Eating for Energy and Zing 6 week program.

Have you heard the myth?

That you can’t eat fruit, bread, pasta or rice and feel energised and vibrant.

Actually, to be a healthy, happy human you need to eat from all food groups.

Think you can’t eat healthy because it takes too much effort, your family won’t eat what you offer, and you just are too time poor?

Well I am here to tell you there is an easier way – with real food that the whole family will eat!


food myths healthy eating for zing program with jo cc holistic pt hobart

⚠️ WARNING! ⚠️

There are some amazing side effects of following Eating for Energy and Zing  which may include:

weight loss eating for energy and zing with jo cc holistic pt in hobart

Weight Loss

improved levels of energy eating for energy and zing with jo cc holistic pt in hobart

Improved Levels of Energy

improve digestion and reduced bloating with  eating for energy and zing with jo cc holistic pt in hobart

Improved Digestion and Reduced Bloating

clarity of thinking with eating for energy and zing with jo cc holistic pt in hobart

Clarity of Thinking

a sense of being organised with  eating for energy and zing with jo cc holistic pt in hobart

A Sense of Being Organised!

Don’t believe me yet?

Let me pull back the curtain and show you how others have found this approach.

These are everyday people making simple changes to how and what they eat. It is not rocket science – but there is so much information about food out there. Food can be confusing. Let’s

keep it simple, change habits, and improve your mindset.

eating for energy and zing healthy eating program testimonial for jo cc holistic pt in hobart
katie king from hobart's eating for energy and zing 6 week online program testimonial for jo cc holistic pt


Eating for Energy and Zing

6 week healthy eating and mindset program

healthy recipes included in eating for energy and zing with jo cc holistic pt hobart

I created this program to simplify food for busy women. The recipes are easy, the food inexpensive, and very few foods are no go.


Eat a wide variety of mainstream foods (including fruit, bread and pasta)


Quick and easy recipe support




Changing habits

But it’s not just about food is it? Healthy eating is about making a plan and seeing it through. It’s about creating habits that set you up for success. It’s about having a healthy relationship with food. And loving yourself!

The End Result


You are using simple, delicious recipes with regular ingredients that the family will eat (and are inexpensive)


You are creating new healthy habits to last a lifetime


And importantly, you aren’t denying yourself anything!!

eating for energy and zing experiences with jo cc holistic pt

Here are just a few a-ha moments you’ll experience inside of Eating for Energy and Zing 


Little steps do add up


Eat a wide variety of mainstream foods (including fruit, bread and pasta)


Simple strategies like eating with diversity are easy to stick to


Focus of energising food and you will have more energy!


Deny yourself nothing


The program is supported – you are not on your own!

To make sure you have everything you need to succeed

I’d like to offer you an additional smoothies recipe book and snack recipe handout. Register now and you’ll also get access to a special bonus right away…

Smoothies - my personal favourites

THE 10 LIFE CHANGING mindset questions to challenge and grow your potential

Unsure of what to eat when the 3pm slump happens – these snack ideas will set you up for success.
smoothies and snacks eating for health and zing food coaching with Jo CC Holistic PT

What you automatically get


Online LIVE support and/or weekly personal check-in ($120-$396)


4 x digital recipes books with over 200 recipes (vegan, plant based, low carb, high protein) valued at $79 or $19.75 each!!


12 webinars (10-40mins each) across the 6 week period $180


12 webinars (10-40mins each) across the 6 week period $180


Accountability resources and structure $49


Mindset activities around food & your knowledge and relationship with food $49


Changing habits systems $49


Membership portal and community – via a private Facebook group $149


Weekly emails $29


Access to a food tracking app to help you stick to the program - complimentary


AND thereafter, re-join the program for $75 (includes weekly group check-ins)

Need one on one weekly coaching? Check out our VIP option.

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The Guarantee

You’re protected with our 100% risk-free money back guarantee

There’s literally no risk involved, because you’re backed by our 7-day money back guarantee!

Buy it, try it, apply it. You’re backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

You Have Questions

I have answers

Have a question before joining?

How would you summarise the food approach?

This is a pro-food. Supplements, protein shake and vitamin advice is beyond this program and individual advice should be sort if this is what you think you require. Emphasis is placed on eating a variety of foods and “macronutrients” meaning a balance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins should be consumed to achieve a healthy and energetic result.

When are the Group Coaching sessions?

Every Friday evening at 8pm there is a group coaching call.  If you opt into the VIP program you will ADDITIONALLY receive 6 x 30 minute mindset coaching sessions at a mutually agreeable time

How much time will this take?

1-2 hours each week tops, plus time to plan, shop, cook and eat.

What is the difference between the basic and VIP option?

Both programs offer a group coaching call where you can hear from others in the program and share experiences.  The VIP offers additional mindset coaching that is all about you – 1 on 1 – 6 x 30 minute sessions.  There are a maximum of 10 VIP clients per program.

Will the food suit my family?

That is such a hard question to answer without knowing your family – but what I can do is direct you to the recipes that time after time have been a hit with past participants, and strategies to get your family involved.

Is the food expensive?

There are so many budgets catered for in this eating approach! Salmon is more expensive than chicken and minced meats. There is so much variety on offer you WILL find foods that meet your budget.

Is it usual food or specialised?

This is healthy and diverse food – diversity is key to good gut health. It is categorised into vegan, vegetarian, plant based, high protein and low carbohydrate. Gluten, dairy and nut free recipes are also indicated on every recipe, as well as how long the recipe takes to cook and whether the recipe is suitable to freeze.

Are results guaranteed?

To date 100% of participants have expressed an increase in energy levels when they are engaged in the program. We have a money back guarantee (within 7 days of starting) if you are not happy with the program.

Imagine how much different your life would be if you had more energy and zing?

What is it you really seek?


You feel energised and healthy


You regain own vibrancy, perhaps lose some weight and stop the silly yoyo dieting or prescriptive eating that is so unsustainable


What is it you would really like to do ?? hike, garden, swim, or move without pain??

Let’s make a plan!!

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