Healthy You

Our personal training in Hobart (Geilston Bay) will set you on the path to being a healthy you.  You might require weight loss, simple recipes or help managing all the things that make up your busy life.  Our personal training approach that will improve your vitality, improve energy and relationship with food and we are based in greater Hobart – North Hobart and Geilston Bay.

Do you enjoy preparing food? We have an approach that is a quick and easy way to a healthy you

When the mainstream personal training approach is not meeting your needs try our holistic, food based approach, teamed with time management, and realistic exercise goals.

If your answer falls along the lines of:

This is NOT:

  • Fast, (unsustainable) weight loss,
  • Yoyo dieting,
  • Shakes or meal replacements
  • The latest diet fad

That is not the path to a healthy you.  

If you would like to be healthier, perhaps lose some unwanted weight with a gradual, sustainable and above all, healthy approach, if you want real food – read on.

With any Active Solutions and Health Network personal training package we will provided you with:

  • Our Cleaning Eating guide and support material
  • 10 Smoothie Recipe book
  • 50 Quick and Easy Recipes for Healthy Living
  • Access to our VIP Facebook Group
  • Regular small group or 1 on 1 personal training
  • A home workout exercise program with video support

Active Solutions Personal Training is not a one size fits all approach.  We use a combination of  Matt O’Neill’s Smart Shape resources, as well as world renowned Precision Nutrition approach to get you eating and thinking right.

It’s pointless to just smash you with exercise if your food isn’t right.  Here are some of the ways you might need help:

  • Managing a busy life to fit cooking, shopping and planning in
  • Recipe support – you’ll receive my 50 Recipe Cook Book and 10 Delicious smoothy Recipes and over 35 recipes within our Clean Eating Pinterest Board
  • Strategies to move away from an ‘all or nothing’ mentality
  • Food sensitivity testing and adrenal dysfunction testing (optional extra’s)
  • Subjective base line stress testing questionnaire
  • Stress management techniques
  • Strategies to deal with changing habits


Think this personal training approach is the approach for you?  Book in for your complimentary 60 minute one on one session.

Starts with a phone call!  Ring me 0409 862206 Jo, or Email me here