Health coaching with Jo

Need our ULTIMATE De-stress package?


We offer in person or face to face online (skype) holistic health coaching sessions that enable you to set goals that are meaningful to you.  Holistic health coaching is not counselling – it is more about identifying the simplest changes that will improve your health.  Using the Kaizen Advanced Health Coach framework we will focus on small and incremental steps of continuous improvement.  We hold you accountable to prioritising your health and offer many different tools to help you develop the right mindset for optimal health.  Every client has a different health plan.  This is why holistic health coaching is so effective – we focus on you and what is important to you without judgement.

The Ultimate De-stress Package

Join holistic personal trainer Jo Cordell-Cooper for our 12 week ULTIMATE Destress Package–get to the source of the problem. The outcomes you can expect are many and include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Improved quality of sleep–wake with energy
  • Less feelings of overwhelm
  • Improved digestion, less bloating, reduced inflammation
  • Reduced tension, manage competing demands
  • Less anxiety and depression

This is our most sought after 12 week health coaching package – because it leaves no stone un-turned.

This approach includes:

  • adrenal stress testing (cortisol stress hormone tested)
  • weekly holistic health coaching
  • the Kaizen Health and Lifestyle Plan
  • our 50 quick and easy recipes cookbook
  • access to our VIP facebook group
  • healing ‘working in’ exercises
  • blood chemistry analysis

We have 3 stand alone health coaching packages for those
who wish to target a specific health issue

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