Health coaching with Jo


I’m looking for a woman of substance. Keenly interested in her health, but somehow it alludes her. She’s invested before, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Isogenix, – she ‘knows the stuff’ – but somehow theres a gap between knowing and doing. There’s a missing bit.

This goal of being healthy – seems a bit like believing in the tooth fairy – she wants to believe, but she is getting weary, in fact loses hope from time to time – but knows . . . . because deep down we all must know – that health is wealth – and not having health is not what she wants


Health doesn’t come in a dress size – it comes with energy, zest for life, great eating, movement that is pain free – confident that the future is healthy and you meet it with enthusiasm.

Ultimately you’ll pay, one way or the other (time, money, effort) – either at the dr’s, that expensive integrative approach (and supplements that weren’t the magic your hoped they be), the chiro, physio, the protein shakes, time off work. Reactive.

Or there’s a holistic approach – proactive. Not just nutrition and movement, but living your life on your terms in line with your values, considering your hormonal profile, the stresses within and placed on you, your mind set, habits and expectations you place on yourself and others place on you.

 This is for you if you:

– Want more energy during the day, like you used to have.

– Need to find ways to increase your way to productivity, and more sleep is simply not an option.

– Want to DECREASE brain fog and increase clarity of thought and sharpness.

– available even for those who do not have face to face access to me in Tasmania, and that includes hormonal health profiling – so we can see what’s going on for you inside and out!




“Jo is a true professional & her approach is a cut above the pack when it comes to your health & fitness. Highly recommend her services to get yourself on track!!”

Annalee Brumby

Business Owner, Hobart Fitness Training