I love cooking soup and I’m good at it – its a shame that no-one appreciates it in this house – still . . . sometimes its the journey that brings the most pleasure!

Look out for the secret ingrediant

1 home grown leek – chopped
teas each ginger, garlic, lemon grass
lightly fry

add 2 cups of water (or so)
chuck in some pumpkin – it should be covered by water – thats roughly 1 kilo before you’ve seeded and skinned it
I am using the remainder of a golden nugget, and and 1/2 kilo of sweet grey pumpkin

lightly boil for half hour or until mashable

Now, here’s the secret ingrediant
red curry paste – add a teas or two, or three

This will taste amazing – AMAZING

so mash it, add cream if you must, I prefer plain yoghurt plopped on top a its is a nice contrast to the heat.

ENJOY – and like all secrets that are worth sharing, share!!

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