I just created this salad after promising to bring tabouli to a family BBQ.  I didnt have any cracked wheat, but I did have some quinoa (pronounced quin way).  I went to a conference recently and quinoa featured there in a salad and it was yum.

Quinoa is gluten free, and full of fibre and packs a whopping 15g of protein / 100g.  I decided to add a few things like radishes, as they were begging to be used up in the garden.  It provides a nice zing too (so perhaps miss if you’ve got kids).  I think this salad will be yummy with any meat, but particularly with falafel balls and in a wrap!

So here we go
1 part quinoa + 2 parts water, micro wave 10 mins and leave to stand for 2-3 mins and absorb any other water – I used 3/4 cup quinoa then refridgerate it until its cold
2 large tomatoes
half a cucumber (a long burpless one)
6 radishes
equal amounts of parsley and mint – like about half a cup squashed each
spring onions – 4 big ones

dice all the vegies, fine chop herbs, add to cooked quinoa with 1/4 cup lemon juice (to taste) and any other herbs you might enjoy . . . . I’ve seen cummin mentioned in other recipes but I’ll leave it out

happy eating

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