Jo’s Work History

Jo Cordell-Cooper – owner / operator

I’ve always been interested in the health and fitness of people. My tertiary background is in education – Physical Education and Health being my majors (Uni of Tasmania graduating in 1993). I taught for 10 years before starting a family, and simply found the juggles of family and teaching too difficult. I needed a different job, and the health and fitness industry was an obvious sideways step – I’d still be teaching in the area I’ve always been so passionate about, but mostly adults from now on. How lucky am I!

Following my original health and fitness industry training in the late ’90s, I worked all over the place teaching aqua aerobics, swimming and, after the birth of my first child, post natal fitness. I stopped working in fitness in the early 2000s for a number of reasons, but mainly the flexibility I desired was actually reducing the amount of time we could spend together as a family. Work-life balance is so important.

And then . . . 

Next I worked in a program linking sport to schools, and following that I opened my first business called Active Solutions and Health Network. It was now 2007, I had 2 kids, and had resigned as a teacher. This business was a Health and Wellbeing Consultancy, for businesses genuinely interested in the health and wellbeing of their staff. SEMF (Engineering Consultants) were my first client. I worked closely with management, individual employees and contractors, and a committee of representatives to bring about healthy lifestyle and workplace changes. I was really proud of the progress made at SEMF and they went on to win the 2008 Workplace of Choice in Tasmania.

However, life continues to change, and we were absolutely delighted to discover that a third child was on the way. Just when she was born things changed forever globally, the Global Financial Crisis took hold, and companies no longer wanted health and wellbeing programs. Well they didn’t want to pay for them anyway. I’ve never been scared of change, rather I embrace it. I was already undertaking a Certificate 4 in Personal Training. I was approached by a former employer to take a leading role in fitness instructor training. I could not resist this opportunity to improve the standard for instructors! However, I didn’t feel right delivering this training, so I found a job back in the industry teaching aqua aerobics – and I had forgotten how much I loved it!

And to where we are now . . . .

Things started with a fitness industry training role, and led to me taking aqua aerobics, but this was predominately undertaken by seniors and injured people. I wanted to re-educate the nation on how to work out in water – not how to recover. So I developed some high intensity water-based exercise programs such as Aqua Power. Things really took off when I developed Aqua Boot Camp. Fundamental to attracting the young and fit client was undoubtedly using the aqua gymstick. I now use this in deep and shallow water classes and the testimonials flowed thick and fast with so many benefiting from this training tool.

So that brings us to now! Group sessions and personal training, nutrition packages, working in pools, parks, homes, schools and work places and shortly online! I love taking land classes and PT as much as I do water classes, but mostly I just love working with people and helping them reach their potential. Join me on this journey!