Foam Rollering Classes

Interested in my spiky ball and foam rollering classes?

  • Are you stiff, sore, or suffering from back pain?
  • Are your muscles tight?
  • Do you benefit from a massage?

I can show you how to efficiently and effectively use your spiky ball and foam roller in my small group class (maximum of 4).  By using myofascial release techniques that I have been using for years with my private clients I will quickly teach you how to release referred pain and stiffness.  I also have a whole bunch of techniques for how to use a super portable and inexpensive spiky ball.

What you’ll learn:

  • how to release muscle tension and stiffness – legs, shoulders, neck and back care a specialty
  • why starting at the feet makes so much sense!!
  • how to position yourself with your roller, the floor, a wall, your ball
  • how to use your foam roller for core conditioning

Usually I can only share this knowledge with personal training clients.  I am totally blown away by this knowledge, and found it so simple to learn and apply; I’d like to share these insights with you!

When and where will we do our spiky ball and foam rollering classes??

  • 4 x 30 minute classes,
  • Thursdays 4.30-5pm in my private gym Geilston Bay
  • Each program starts first week of the month and runs for 4 weeks

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