Group personal training is a Small Group Fitness Program with a maximum of 4 like minded people. Need PT but can’t afford it? Group personal training is cheaper with all the benefits of one-on-one personal training – attentive trainer, individualized program, and set to meet your goals. It also has a built-in cheer squad.

Jodie and Alysia following an outdoor Group PT session in Lindisfarne (NEVER more than 4)

What do I want from group personal training that I can’t get from a regular group fitness class?

If your answer falls along the lines of:

  • extra advice, support and a clear direction
  • a kick up the butt or accountability
  • nutritional support
  • lots of questions answered
  • a home program to continue on with
  • someone to help with motivation
  • a friend to share a journey with
  • an event to work towards
  • the convenience of me coming to you
  • and / or you love to work out . .  . but not in a gym!

Then ask about group personal training in Hobart

Group personal training class times vary all the time, it all starts with a phone call to Jo 0409 86 2206

  • Like to make your own group?
  • Let’s talk – when suits?

“Jo’s attitude towards fitness is as individual as her clients. She’s always got time to understand where I’m at and what’s going on with my body. Her interest, knowledge and skill in women’s fitness particularly is unparalleled in Hobart. I have a number of challenging, long standing injury issues. Jo has taken the time to understand these and she’s always checking in with me about those before we start a session. One-on-one PT sessions are focused and I always walk away feeling energized and positive about my body. On group PT, which are 4 people max, she still manages to ensure everyone’s individual needs are met. I highly recommend her!”

Marg Marshall

“Although we train in a group of up to 4 people I still feel I have that personal support of Jo. She is able to structure the sessions to provide variety as well as adaptation to each person’s strengths and capabilities. The benefit of group PT is also that on some days you are the strong one, leading and inspiring the others in the group, and on other days you are the one learning from them and striving to get to that point.”

Jodie Hayes