Smoothies are good for you!  Download your free copy of my 10 favourite smoothies.  They are delicious!  A smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!

I’m sure this is NOT TRUE but one thing is – Australian’s are not eating nearly enough fruit and vegetables.

By adding smoothies into your diet, by replacing highly processed foods (identifiable by the many layers of plastic around it, its long shelf life, and many steps away from its natural state), you’ll be:

  • easing your digestion,
  • unlocking the nutrients within the foods you consume
  • be feeling much more energized and alert

So many of our lifestyle diseases are linked to poor nutritional habits.  Eating a nutrient rich diet can make a tremendous difference to all aspects of your health.

These 10 smoothie Recipes are my personal favourites.

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You can chop and change ingredients to suit your tastes and what’s in the fridge.  There are no real rules, except perhaps minimize sweeteners, and never mix citrus with milk (it curdles).

These smoothies should not be the only thing you eat.  You’ll need more foods with protein and fats to have a balanced diet, but if you could replace a snack or meal a day with a smoothie your body will thank you.    ENJOY!!


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