Speaking & Workshops



Health and Wellbeing seminars and workshops can re-invigorate staff that are at the coal face of your organisation.  Staff that can identify and manage their own ‘buckets of stress’ are more productive, feel more valued and can take action against that feeling of overwhelm. 

Workshops include:-

  • Address Stress – Beyond Busyness
  • How to Sleep Like a Baby
  • Living Life to Your Values
  • Epigentics
  • Happiness Hormones
  • and hands on – Spiky Ball and Foam Rollering workshops
  • Learning to be Positive!

“Jo presented a highly motivating and empowering presentation which was both thought provoking and informative. We had a good balance of theoretical and practical ideas about stress and relaxation that we can use with our students.  We are so looking forward to next session in 2020.”

Kim White, Teacher and Health and Wellbeing Commitee Hobart College, photo is Principal Tracy Siedler, Kim White and Jo Cordell-Cooper

• I was totally inspired – I’m going to contact Jo and arrange a personal consult. I’m also going to try to get her to come and present at my workplace.

• I was in awe of Jo’s energy and enthusiasm

feedback from the Tax Institute Inspiring Women in Business Breakfast series