It took me a week of eating every day to get through the minestrone, so now I am on to my lovely sweet potato soup (with magic secret ingrediant)

1 fresh leek from the gardem (he he the leeks are magnificent right now)
about a half kilo of sweet potato
3 or 4 little spuds – or 1 biggie & about the same amount of pumpkin
2 teas garlic
2 teas vegie or chicken stock
a little red chilli – like a teas (pref rescued from the hothouse in the vacant house next door)
and the secret magic ingrediant . . . .

lightly fry leek and garlic in a little oil, add the spuds, pumpkin and sweet potato, 3/4 cover with water, add stock and chilli – and cook til soft – 20-30 mins.  Now the house smells awesome!

turn off heat and leave to sit / infuse

Later, wiz it (I usually mash but the leek and chilli need wizzing) in a blender or food processor.  Back to the pot – add the magic ingredient100-200 mls of coconut milk or coconut cream.  Greek yogurt is an excellent option, or sour cream.  Try the coconut milk though – it really is delish!  Season (salt and pepper).  Add a little parmeson if it needs more soul.

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