The Ultimate 12 week De-stress Package is just what you need if you know you are running on empty.

We are meant to thrive and if you feel flat and weary regularly there are steps you can take to re-vitalise.

Join holistic personal trainer Jo Cordell-Cooper for our 12 week ULTIMATE De-stress Package – get to the source of the problem.

The outcomes you can expect are many and include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Improved quality of sleep – wake with energy
  • Less feelings of overwhelm
  • Improved digestion, less bloating, reduced inflammation
  • Reduced tension, manage competing demands
  • Less anxiety and depression

Be proactive with your health.  Take charge.  Be a great role model


Your 12 week De-stress Package includes:

  • Adrenal Stress testing – via a convenient saliva home test, conclusive evidence as to where your adrenal (stress hormone cortisol) levels are at, with out extensive Adrenal Stress Causes questionnaire – these 2 tools used simultaneously leave no stone unturned as to the source of your stress and ‘where to next’
  • 60 minute consult – forming a plan, explaining your results, getting some wins – taking control
  • Weekly 30 minute phone / skype consult – accountability coaching (x11)
  • Kaizen Health and Lifestyle Plan
  • Movement that heals – learning and applying ‘working in’ rather than ‘workout out’
  • Access to our VIP Active Solutions facebook group
  • 50 recipe cookbook – fast and easy recipes on for VIP’s

Using the Kaizen Institute of Health methodologies around incremental change towards a more healthy and pleasurable life we will explore what makes up health for you and what is most important to you.  We will then use health coaching to move you towards your ultimate life.  It’s a gentle, respectful and non-confronting approach.  It also recognises that sometimes stress is not what we think it is – so we examine not only mental and emotional stress but stress that causes inflammation like food sensitivities and some medications, illnesses and other environmental toxins.  This is not a one size fits all approach.  From session one we explore what is important to you and why.  This will set the stage for all work to come of the next 3 months.  We can delve into habit forming behaviour change.

This is for the person who really cares about their health but can not seem to get the results they deserve via a traditional and mainstream approach.

Jo wants you to feel well, regain your mojo, have fun, sleep well and enjoy life.  This approach is so different.  Jo is Tasmania’s first Kaizen Health Practitioner and only Kaizen Advanced Health Coach – we look at all aspects of your health – this approach goes well beyond physical training J


It all starts by making contact



    “Jo is a true professional & her approach is a cut above the pack when it comes to your health & fitness. Highly recommend her services to get yourself on track!!”

    Annalee Brumby

    Business Owner, Hobart Fitness Training