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Work with Jo

Jo, who specialises in women’s fitness has a private studio in Geilston Bay – a serene and private space – a purpose built indoor / outdoor studio set in the bush.  It’s a place that facilitates healing and improving movement and health.   Alternatively you may prefer to workout in water – we can do that.

Workout with Jo at the studio

Our purpose built indoor-outdoor modern studio is set in a bush setting with a magnificent deck – it is the perfect place to workout with Jo.  It is a private and confidential studio complete with the most up to date training equipment and approaches.  Whether you have straight fitness or more general health goals this unique setting is an inspiring and magnificent place to be.

Workout with Jo at the pool

If you prefer a water workout we have a dedicated pool space at Friends Health & Fitness in North Hobart.  Water workouts are often preferred for those with long standing conditions that make land based exercise less appropriate.  If your fitness is important to you but you have skeletal issues, are pregnant or are heading towards surgery our low impact sessions will get you strong and toned.

Our Ultimate 12 or 24 Week Ultimate Package


Join holistic personal trainer Jo Cordell-Cooper for our 12 or 24 week ULTIMATE Lifestyle Package.  Our holistic approach enables you to improve your health across the spectrum of health issues

With Jo CC Holistic PT my aim is that you:

  • feel well and energetic
  • regain your mojo and have fun!
  • sleep well and enjoy food and living
  • discover the healthy lifestyle mindset, challenge old habit and form new ones

I want you to thrive. 

This approach is so different.  I am Tasmania’s only Kaizen Advanced Health Coach (level 2) and I examine all aspects of your health.  This approach goes well beyond physical training.

Join me – holistic personal trainer Jo Cordell-Cooper for my 12 or 24 week ULTIMATE PACKAGE – get the best of all services offered including:

  • Weekly personal training – land or water
  • Regular mind set coaching via skype or face to face
  • Clean Eating Guide
  • Adrenal Stress Test
  • Food Sensitivity Test
  • Kaizen Health and Lifestyle Plan
  • Accountability resources – to keep you on track
  • Access to our JoCC’s VIP’s facebook group
  • Immediate access to our 8 healthy lifestyle email series
  • 50 recipe cookbook – fast and easy recipes
  • Blood chemical analysis – within functional ranges (more sensitive than medical ranges)
  • NFT session – neuro facilitation technique – how well do your muscles and brain talk
  • Welcome kit (valued at $105) for 24 week VIP’s
  • Text access to me 5 days a week – responding to what you need within 24 hours

 We can delve into habit forming behaviour change, how to get a great night’s sleep, a holistic approach to dealing with stress that explores much more than over scheduling or emotional stress.  We will examine your blood chemicals and create a plan to suit.  We will train your differently – high intensity might not be what you need!

This is for the person who really cares about their health but can not seem to get the results they deserve via a traditional and mainstream approach.  If you have done enough yoyo dieting and believe your body is best fuelled by a varied and wholesome eating plan then this is for you.  If you regularly get injured by your exercise regime, or you just feel tired – day in day out then this is for you! 

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