Personal Training in Water

Personal training in water is a low impact exercise option for those who require exercise ideas while they manage injuries and as part of a rehabilitation process. It also appeals to triathletes who require a time-efficient approach to the water components of their sport. It’s used as a cross-training option for athletes and runners. Personal training in water can be used for prehabilitation (pre-surgery fitness) and as a stepping stone back to group sessions. Personal training in water is generally offered in 30 minute sessions. Take-away programs are available, as are video recordings of new exercises or stroke correction tips.

 Water PT sessions

  • By Appointment only
  • At Friends Health & Fitness

Why train in water?

Exercise in water is not only gentle on the joints and supportive of your body – in deep water we can eliminate all impact.

It’s for clients cleared by their medical team who have:

*  broken bones, arthritis, and swelling

*  pre and post surgery candidates – hip and knee replacement candidates are regular participants

*  circulation issues –  it’s the pressure of the water that works the magic and can help circulation throughout the body


Water based PT goes well beyond swimming. We can teach you deep water running techniques, offer multi-directional workouts to get a great whole body workout, we can add resistance to the workout with gymstick, and a core workout as well.

It’s also for:

  *  Triathletes for stroke efficiency and fitness programing for water component of the event – with this I only need to see you 6 weekly – I provide a video of your strokes and ways to improve them

  *  Navy entry and bronze medallion preparation