Here is Jen Greenhill's story on staying active and hiking into your 70's. Jen has always turned to nature to enjoy her life and remains fit and healthy to this day. Read on ...

I’m really inspired by Jen, I mean who wouldn’t like to hike into your 70’s.  Jen hasn’t climbed Everest or anything too crazy, but it’s just the simple ways she has lived an active and nuture based life that inspires me.  I met Jen Greenhill years ago when I was an aqua aerobics instructor.  We’ve kept in touch via social media and have enjoyed celebrating each others hiking adventures.  Jen and I reconnected in person when she took part in the sixth Tasmanian Iconic Walk, Tarn Shelf, Mount Field National Park.  Jen has enjoyed hiking over her whole life and still hikes regularly into her late 70’s.  I’m inspired by that – I hope I can still enjoy life like Jen does as I journey towards my senior years.

Jen's life long love of hiking and the outdoors

Here is Jen’s story – So as I am in my penultimate 70’s and now living on my own for the very first time in my life I realise how important it is to look after myself.  I have always been fairly active as I worked as a nurse and midwife. I had a stint overseas working in London, Paris, Gibraltar and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe.) I finally came home, settled down and had three children.
As they grew and became more independent I became interested in bushwalking and joined the Hobart Bushwalking Club which I enjoyed, but as my time was limited I soon elected to walk with family or friends.
Rogaining and geocaching caught my eye when my kids were interested as afterschool activities and soon a friend and I became passionate about geocaching and joined a local club.  This meant I got to do lovely mountain walks following coordinates and clues, to eventually discover some hidden treasure. Upper and Lower Wellington ranges were probably some of the most inspiring.

In a previous decade I had a hip replacement and an ankle fusion which has made hiking more comfortable.

Notable walks achieved include: 
    • Milford Track and part of Able Tasman in NZ.
    • Overland track includes Mt Ossa and Cradle Mtn.
    • South Coast Track
    • Frenchman’s Cap..part of… turned back at Barons pass with foul drenching weather…all about the journey not the destination I was consoled with!
    • Three Capes Track
    • Many many Mount Wellington walks searching for huts and waterfalls
Interests thru the years have been tennis golf and dragon boat paddling.  In a previous decade I had a hip replacement and an ankle fusion which has made hiking more comfortable.  I enjoy walking and non weight bearing deep water aerobics.

I became carer for my husband.

For a few years my active life was very much restricted as I became carer for my husband. He is now in care so I am back out there on the tracks. I still visit every afternoon and assist with his evening meals and it has been hard to let go of the carer role. But my mornings are free and I can do days as long as I can organise a friend to visit him.
Jen Greenhill and her team mates at the Tasmanian Iconic Walk

Where to next when you can hike into your 70’s??

Jen continues to hike regularly with friends and family and I am sure will continue to do so!  Jen’s team the Tarnie Tacklers raised $1,500 for stroke prevention programs developed by the Menzies Institute for Medical Research during the fundraising event Tasmanian Iconic Walk in 2024.  I feel it is important to recognise that Jen has had both a hip replacement and ankle fusion but has recovered admirably and still enjoys both long day and mulit-day adventures.  She has undergone all of this while caring for her husband, which goes to show how important it is to look after ones self even when there are long term and permanent demands on you when doing the most important thing – caring for loved ones.  You have to put your own oxygen mask on first, then you can be your best for and with others.  Thanks for sharing your story, Jen!

Jen is on top of a mountain and enjoying hiking into her 70's

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