Drum roll please!! Would you like to hike the best of the Larapinta Trail??


Can I do a multi-day adventure with you? 

YES!! I have 2 spots left for the Larapinta Trail adventure!! 

It’s been lovely to have such interest in my 2024 Best of Larapinta Trail tour. I’ve come up with a 12 day tour, 8 of which is hiking (there’s a full day either side to do whatever you want!).
Tour dates are  3-14 July 2024

This Best of Larapinta Trail private tour includes:

  • 11 breakfasts, 8 lunches and 7 dinners
  • Professional wilderness guide and support staff
  • + Jo Cordell-Cooper, on tour with you
  • Tents and swags for sleeping (but not sleeping bags)
  • Accommodation in Alice Springs before and after the trek
  • Off-road transport from Alice Springs
  • Vehicle supported camping throughout
  • All National Park and camping fees
  • Catering & eating utensils
  • Comprehensive group first aid kit
  • Emergency radio/sat phone

 This tour has been created in partnership with World Expeditions and Jo CC Holistic PT.  There is no other tour exactly like this one! Other tours take up to 16 participants – this tour has a maximum of 7 participants.


In 2025 we will return to New Zealand for the Milford Track and West Coast Adventure

Thank you Jo Cordell-Cooper for a brilliant Milford Sound / NZ experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip and would highly recommend you to anyone looking to join your next exciting adventure.

Be assured you will be in safe hands!”

Jo Tye – Milford / West Coast Adventure 2020




Let’s get fit for adventure!  Training for hiking?  Read on . . . . 

a group of people enjoying a short walk in hobart at the Meehan Range
a family hiking
jo and greg preparation for hiking, image by a lake


Hi, I’m Jo Cordell-Cooper, women’s personal trainer and I am mad keen about hiking!  I’m here to help you find your most adventurous self – like I did (with a 15 year gap and 3 babies between hikes) – read on if this sounds like you!!  In 2014 I met some women whose fitness business was around training for hiking and offering hiking adventures.  I immediately signed up to trek to Everest Base Camp . . . . but what I really signed up for was finding myself and rediscovering my previous passion for nature.  I got fitter than I ever imagined and realised there really wasn’t many personal trainers that knew how to get you fit for high altitude, or multi-day hikes.  So that became my speciality – training for hiking adventures in your own neighbourhood or somewhere overseas.

So how do you get in shape for hiking?

Obviously, you can hike – but I didn’t have that much time, so I used my personal training expertise to develop time efficient ways to get fit hiking, without actually being on a trail.  I created home and gym workouts to specifically target the hiking muscles groups and blended this into a 10 week e-course – with progressive steps and stages to prepare you for adventure.  Of course you need to spend some time hiking, and making time for this in a busy life can be challenging, necessary and motivating!  But you can get fit in other ways too, and there’s gear you must buy along the way (and other stuff that’s a total waste of money, and then there’s the food).  I wrote all my tips down and you can purchase that course – just click on the green button!

What if you need extra accountability to get hiking fit?

I set up my Friday Night Hikes in Hobart, Tasmania, where groups of like minded people can attend a weekly 75-minute hikes (expect hills).  I walk with you, and I have an eye for recognising your strengths and weaknesses.  If you were to ask me if I thought you were ready for a half day hike I’d be able to say – so your hiking fitness and confidence grows and incrementally you get fitter, stronger and more capable.  Interested?  Here is some more information on Friday Night Hikes.

How will I know if I am fit enough for a longer hike?

You will know your fitness is growing when your muscle soreness diminishes, and you are finding it easier to summit when we hike hills.  I offer half day hikes in Southern Tasmania and your Friday Night Hikes multi-pass does include a half day hike.  I will assess your hiking fitness and help you make the right decision, so your confidence builds.  Half day hikes can be purchased singularly.  If you are interested in half day hikes look at the page on this – click on the green tab.

What if I don’t live in Hobart and can not see you in person – can you still help me with my training for hiking?

I can absolutely help you get fit for hiking by designing a hiking fitness plan that is tailored for you.  The best time to engage me is once you have decided which walk you will be doing.  This service is most used when someone is going on an extended hiking adventure.  I have worked with clients heading for high altitude and I’ve been to altitude many times and can help you prepare physically and mentally for that.  If you’d like to talk further, please email me here

Client success stories – training for specific hiking adventures

“I am eternally grateful to Jo CC for helping me to become hike ready for my trek into Machu Picchu, Red Valley and Rainbow Mountain in Peru. She gave me excellent advice on getting fit for hiking at altitude and what gear to take”

Karen Aitken

“Friends had recommended Jo Cordell Cooper as a personal trainer who would work with people like me – middle-aged, overweight, not very fit – to prepare for bushwalks. I’d put on close to 10 kilos over the COVID period through lack of physical activity and lots of cooking and eating. And bushwalking is my thing and was getting harder for me!

Anyway, to date I’ve lost 9 kilos over 2 1/2 months (including Xmas) by following Jo’s advice and tracking my food and activity on a phone app called MyFitnessPal. It’s fairly easy.

The strength training and positive feedback Jo provides is important too in getting you physically and mentally ready for a big trip”.

Jo Costello

Over a 6 month period jo supervised my training for an endurance walk.  As I have a fairly unique body the goal of walking 25 km in a team was initially daunting.  But bit by bit I got stronger and more capable.  I learned how to prepare mentally as well as physically, and nutrition on the day and leading up to the event was addressed too.  Having this goal inspired me, and I loved having a challenging event to look forward to knowing I was well prepared for it. If you have a challenging event coming up I highly recommend Jo to get you HIKE READY! 

Marg Marshall

Claim Your FREE Gift – Jo’s Exclusive Hiking Guide Series!

My FREE hiking fitness resources and top tips are available here – you’ll receive a hiking fitness program that aims to get you hiking up to 7 hours days by the end of 10 week, there’s my coat guide (coats are expensive check out my top tips here), a gear list and some food tips.  It’s FREE – so sign up below for immediate access!