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From 2020 Jo CC Holistic PT will be leading adventures to glorious hiking destinations throughout the world.  The inaugural adventure will be to New Zealand’s Milford Track in the south.  Following this fully catered and comfortable trek utilising global hiking company Ultimate Hikes we explore Milford Sound, the join an exclusive tour of the West Coast and Franz Joseph Glacier, and conclude at wellness retreat Rejuvenate Your Life at Springfield just south of Christchurch. 

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Jo will get you hike ready for bush walking in Tasmania and over seas. Whether you need fitness for hiking long day walks like a Tasmanian Iconic Walk or multi day walks, at sea level or at altitude Jo Cordell-Cooper will help you get you ‘hike ready”. Our 75 minute sessions are on local suburban bush tracks. Bring your back pack and coat, and hiking poles if you have them. We will learn how to use relatively short tracks to gain the fitness you need for longer adventures. This is an all weather event, and the walk start location may change from time to time, but we will always be in Lindisfarne or Geilston Bay.


Over a 6 month period jo supervised my training for an endurance walk.  As I have a fairly unique body the goal of walking 25 km in a team was initially daunting.  But bit by bit I got stronger and more capable.  I learned how to prepare mentally as well as physically, and nutrition on the day and leading up to the event was addressed too.  Having this goal inspired me, and I loved having a challenging event to look forward to knowing I was well prepared for it. If you have a challenging event coming up I highly recommend Jo to get you HIKE READY! 

Marg Marshall

Bushwalking Tasmania

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Not local but need to prepare for a big hike?


Speak with Jo online to receive a training package to suit your lifestyle, is tailored to meet your level of fitness and considers the hike you are interested in.

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Jo has trained people for Kokoda, Precipitous Bluff and The Overland Track (Tasmania), Milford Track (NZ) Camino (Europe) and has trained herself for Everest Base Camp (Tibet), Annapurna Circuit (Nepal), Mount Kinabalu (Borneo), Milford Track, Routeburn Track, Tongariro Cross, and Stewarts Island (New Zealand), Lares Valley to Macchu Picchu (Peru).  She has also taken part in and trained others for Coastrek in Melbourne Australia.

Choose from:

  • Personal training face to face
  • or online personalised  training plans that consider – your level of fitness, work schedule, the type of hike and topography, altitude, multi day or single day, and where you live and can train (ie big city or rural based)  Buy that here

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 The Tasmanian Iconic Walks charity was founded by Jo Cordell-Cooper in 2017

Our aim is to offer a unique wilderness bush walking experience in Tasmania, whilst raising awareness and money for the Stroke Foundation.  To date we have offered 3 events and raised over $120,000. 100% of this was donated to the Stroke Foundation.

We know that 80% of strokes can be prevented, with key determinants for this outcome involving eating well and taking regular exercise. 

Like to be involved?  Have fun, get fit and raise some money for a great cause – 100% of your dollars raised will go to Stroke Foundation.

We organise one event each year in Tasmania and we walk from Tasman Arch to Fortescue Bay.

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I will be back next year and have already been approached by people who would love to do this walk.      Well done and thank you to Tasmanian Iconic Walks for the fabulous day, all of the planning and behind the scenes work showed, and it was a surprise to some on our team that this was an inaugural event.
feedback from our inaugural event

March 3 2018

Claim Your FREE Gift – Jo’s Exclusive Hiking Guide Series!