WORKOUT at the pool

Workout at the Pool


There are many reasons why you might prefer to workout at the pool.  The benefit include:


  • low or no impact workout in water
  • lower body temperature (cooling effect of the water)
  • reduced inflammation and swelling
  • three dimensional movement
  • or you simply love water – its fun!


We have exceptional water based exercise experiences that are fun and effective.  We have a dedicated space at Friends Health & Fitness in New Town.

Whether you need a fun, fast and effective workout like aqua bootcamp or something more restorative like pregnancy aqua or personal training our highly attentive approach and dedication to water based exercise will ensure you get the workout you need. 

Aqua bootcamp is fun, fast and full on.  Set to modern music this low impact workout will get you fit fast.  Aqua bootcamp will strengthen and tone you, and improve your core strength and even improve posture.  If you like working out in cool, clean water, if you dislike the idea of someone seeing you workout then aqua bootcamp is for you.  The entire workout happens in the pool.

Pregnancy aqua caters for women who like to exercise during all stages of the pregnancy.  We focus on maintaining your health and fitness by providing safe and suitable exercise options.  Often we have women with pelvic instability and sacro-iliac issues. All of our sessions commence with a pelvic floor education session as well as discussions on topical issues such as abdominal separation and postural change.

We can absolutely meet your health and fitness goals by personal training in water.  By using the very best personal training equipment such as gymstick, aqua strength cuffs, buoyancy cuffs and dumbells and resistance barbells you’ll get a great workout in water.  This can be meaningful and intense exercise or something more rehabilitative if that is what’s needed pre / post surgery.

Jo runs small group personal training sessions (maximum of 4) several times a week with people with like minded goals. Every session is different and may make use of muscle strengthening aids like gymstick and aqua strength cuffs as well as a variety of buoyancy aides.  Low and no impact exercise sessions make water based personal training the place to be for those with long standing issues like arthritis.