Jo Cordell-Cooper 

Jo Cordell-Cooper here: This is my story

I’ve never been overly fat, I’ve never been overly thin. But there was this one time when weight defined me . . .

Throughout my life my weight has been steady – within 1-2 kilos of where it always is. But at one time I hit 100 kilos, and then I stopped looking at the scales. My first son was born a month later. Here I am:

I’d had a lot of nausea and the only thing that kept this down was eating. So I ate and ate and ate, and kept the nausea to a minimum. After my son was born, I quickly lost about 10 kilos – a healthy baby was out, fluid levels went back to normal. So there I was, a 90 kilo mother. I lost a lot of confidence and had lost the ability to gauge hunger. I kept eating. When I wasn’t full, well that was ‘the new hunger’.

I joined a real food Weight Loss Program Weight Watchers (inspired by Hayley Lewis who was once the ‘face’ of Weight Watchers – before she took on the Biggest Loser gig) and returned to my regular weight over the next 9 months.

This taught me that:

1   you only need ‘so much’ food each day

2   if you exercise you need more

3   it’s probably less food than you think

4   you can do this with real food

5   food choices are just that – if you choose ‘this’, you can’t have ‘that’

6   you can never have too many fresh vegies

7   you have to write what you eat down, all of it, and you have to be honest!

Now I actually knew all that, but the change in lifestyle had, well, changed my lifestyle. So when people want to lose weight, these are the very principles I teach by. I don’t do shakes, meal replacements or tablets; my approach uses real food. You won’t lose weight quickly with me – I’m not that kind of PT, but there are plenty who are. My program offers long-term solutions that are not just about getting the weight off, but keeping it off. You get to live a lifestyle that simply won’t allow you to be overweight. And, you won’t get paranoid and fearful of food. Gosh I hope not anyway.

So if this appeals to you, if you’ve tried it all and lost confidence – try me and I promise you this: you wont lose 10 kilos in 10 days, but what you do lose you’ll lose for good.

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