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Jo Cordell-Cooper here: This is my story

I worked as a physical education teacher prior to having children and I started working in the fitness industry around that time and quickly found I was most interested in women’s health and fitness.  I soon became known as a women’s personal trainer – the go to girl for females with complex bodies before and after pregnancy.  These days I work closely with women who need personal training and/or wellness coaching to bring out their best.  I designed my own Eating for Energy program in 2020 during lockdown.  Read more on that here.

  You can read more about my weight loss journey here . . . . . 

I’ve never been overly fat, I’ve never been overly thin. But there was this one time when weight defined me . . .

Throughout my life my weight has been steady – within 1-2 kilos of where it always is. But at one time I hit 100 kilos, and then I stopped looking at the scales. My first son was born a month later. Here I am:

I’d had a lot of nausea and the only thing that kept this down was eating. So I ate and ate and ate, and kept the nausea to a minimum. After my son was born, I quickly lost about 10 kilos – a healthy baby was out, fluid levels went back to normal. So there I was, a 90 kilo mother. I lost a lot of confidence and had lost the ability to gauge hunger. I kept eating. When I wasn’t full, well that was ‘the new hunger’.

I joined a real food Weight Loss Program Weight Watchers (inspired by Hayley Lewis who was once the ‘face’ of Weight Watchers – before she took on the Biggest Loser gig) and returned to my regular weight over the next 9 months.

This taught me that:

1   you only need ‘so much’ food each day

2   if you exercise you need more

3   it’s probably less food than you think

4   you can do this with real food

5   food choices are just that – if you choose ‘this’, you can’t have ‘that’

6   you can never have too many fresh vegies

7   you have to write what you eat down, all of it, and you have to be honest!

Now I actually knew all that, but the change in lifestyle had, well, changed my lifestyle. So when people want to lose weight, these are the very principles I teach by. I don’t do shakes, meal replacements or tablets; my approach uses real food. You won’t lose weight quickly with me – I’m not that kind of PT, I’ll be offering food that energises. My program offers long-term solutions that are not just about getting the weight off, but keeping it off. You get to live a lifestyle that simply won’t allow you to be overweight. And, you won’t get paranoid and fearful of food. Gosh I hope not anyway.

So if this appeals to you, if you’ve tried it all and lost confidence – try me and I promise you this: you wont lose 10 kilos in 10 days, but what you do lose you’ll lose for good. Take a look at her online healthy eating program Eating for Energy and Zing – with face to face health coaching that will make a difference!!

Jo Cordell-Cooper is fully qualified and registered (level 3) to offer personal training to children, older adults and pre and post natal women. Her private gym is based in Geilston Bay, near Lindisfarne, east of Hobart.

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