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Discovering aqua boot camp has played a huge part in my recovery journey following a very difficult pregnancy. It has significantly improved my fitness and has increased my arm, back and core strength. I no longer have any back pain from lifting and carrying my baby and it has contributed to me losing 20kg back to my pre-pregnant weight at 15 weeks postpartum. Aqua boot camp has motivated me to get back into the swing of exercising while having fun and I am feeling fantastic

Michelle Brookfield Midwife

I have had the best time training with Jo – I feel as a person I have grown and in terms of physical fitness I have grown greatly. Although we train in a group of up to 4 people I still feel I have that personal support of Jo. She is able to structure the sessions to provide variety as well as adaptation to each person’s strengths and capabilities. The benefit of group PT is also that on some days you are the stong one, leading and inspiring the others in the group and on other days you are the one learning from them and striving to get to that point.


The best bit about Group Personal Training is that if I want to do my 1 day a week of exercise with Jo without too much agony, I need to exercise on other days as well – great incentive to exercise regularly.