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“the best is yet to come”

Jo is Tasmania’s Personal Trainer of the Year 2022 and 2023!


Introducing Jo Cordell-Cooper: Your Women’s Personal Trainer in Hobart and Geilston Bay  

Jo Cordell-Cooper is a specialized women’s personal trainer, fitness specialist and health coach serving clients in Hobart, Lindisfarne and Geilston Bay. With Jo’s expertise, clients experience renewed energy, improved sleep, reduced pain, and fewer doctor and physio visits. Take the first step towards a healthier you and contact Jo today.  You can start with an obligation free complimentary consult.  

Eating for energy and zing

EATING FOR ENERGY & ZING Online Nutrition Coaching

Challenge habits & mindset with personal coaching 1 on 1 to lose weight, challenge habits or improve your relationship with food.  Or try our latest program 28 Day Real Food Detox – improve your sense of wellness, physical symptoms of fatigue as well as shedding stubborn belly fat. 

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Personal Training or Small Group Personal Training (maximum of 4)

Tailored functional movement that gets you fit for life!  Jo offers specialised women’s personal training services even if you have cancer, or auto immune conditions –  for women over 40.

3 women improving hiking fitness together

Friday Night Hikes + Half Day hikes in Hobart, Lindisfarne, Howrah and Geilston Bay

Get fit hiking and ready for adventure – beginners hiking sessions lead to half day hikes and bigger adventures too!  

    Testimonies for women’s specialist personal trainer Jo Cordell-Cooper – based in Geilston Bay Hobart

    While I describe myself as a work in progress I can not deny within 6 weeks of starting personal training with Jo I was feeling stronger and more energetic. I am now eating with a lot more thought and with balance and diversity. I have lost weight and feel more vibrant. I did not see myself as a bush walker but now if a hike is offered I can say “sure, I can do that”

    Alison Triffett, Librarian

    I have had the best time personal training with Jo – I feel as a person I have grown and in terms of physical fitness I have grown greatly. Although we train in a group of up to 4 people I still feel I have that personal support of Jo. She is able to structure the sessions to provide variety as well as adaptation to each person’s strengths and capabilities. The benefit of group personal training is also that on some days you are the strong one, leading and inspiring the others in the group and on other days you are the one learning from them and striving to get to that point.

    Jodie Hayes, Manager, Child Care Centre

    Jo’s interest, knowledge and skill in women’s fitness is unparalleled in Hobart. I have a number of challenging, long standing injury issues. Jo has taken the time to understand these and she’s always checking in with me about those before we start a session. One on one personal training sessions in Geilston Bay sessions are focused and I always walk away feeling energised and positive about my body. I highly recommend her!

    Marg Marshall, Tax Specialist

    The best is yet to come

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