Why work with Jo Cordell-Cooper – Women’s Personal Trainer – Hobart??

Jo Cordell-Cooper is a highly trained holistic women’s personal trainer based in Geilston Bay, Hobart.  From exercise programs while pregnant and pelvic floor safe exercise programs after baby is born, Jo is especially interested in personal training with females who have had complex births, including pelvic floor dysfunction, sacro-iliac and pubic symphysis joint issues, to lower back and poor posture that is causing discomfort.  Jo has experience in complex health challenges including cancer exercise programs and longer term skeletal issues and auto immune management.  Below are the testimonies of many of Jo’s clients who have benefitted from a wide range of services from hiking fitness and long day hike preparation, health retreats around Hobart, women’s personal training sessions as well and her most life changing service – the Ultimate 26 Week Health and Lifestyle Package.  Jo is a Wellness Coach assisting women to find solutions to their life balance.  Habit formation and harnessing a healthy mindset and prioritising nutrition that energises is an additional skill that many clients have benefited from.


I first met Jo in 2015 when I joined in on a few sessions of Aqua boot camp. I enjoyed her fun spirit and how she welcomed myself and my family to the sessions.Life happened and work got busy and before I knew it I had put on about 30kgs. During that time I have had two back surgeries and my physical movement was getting worse than better. Everyone was saying I was stressed and I couldn’t see it myself.I opened up Facebook one morning and I read Jo’s ad about the 12 week package. I had that light bulb moment of it is now or never! So I made the call….The holistic approach had me sold as I was interested in repairing my mind, body and soul.I love the location of Jo’s place and I love the natural setting. She has taught me more than I could have imagined in such a short time and really opened my eyes to how the whole body works and what impacts my health and wellbeing. I have learnt strategies to reduce my stresses and she has me moving. I feel stronger, fitter and more clear minded. I look forward to where this will leadme.I would encourage anyone who is wanting to make some changes to their life to contact Jo and see what she has to offer you. I was scared walking down the stairs but once I stepped inside all my fears were gone.

Trudie Peterson 2018


Have just completed second session with jo and her attention to ones strengths is fabulous and also knowing now what I now need work to strengthen. So positive and feel very fulfilled and motivated thank you

Kylee Young

Jo is brilliant. A Holistic Pt at their best. Highly recommend

Angela Jenkins

I first saw Jo for a personal training session, seeking advice on long term issue, keen to be strong for a charity hike she was involved with. It was so different from what I thought personal training would be. Jo set about developing a plan designed for my needs, she made me feel relaxed & totally understood where I was at.This session snowballed into me discovering spiky ball & foam rollering & now I can’t imagine life without these! Aqua Boot Camp was next, it sounded perfect & it really is. Jo leads an energising, fun class & it’s such a fantastic workout.I would highly recommend Jo & love the fact she sees the individual needs of clients & works with that.Her passion for health shines & she has a fun way of sharing her skills & knowledge.

Kirsty Williams

I wish Jo were closer as distance is the ONLY reason I was unable to continue. Jo is firm (I need that) and funny my two favorite“F’s”! She knew exactly how far to push me and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. OK that’s a lie not EVERY minute but I felt damn good every time I finished a session. Thank you Jo.


My son has had an ongoing issue with shoulder and back pain… about 7 years…. and he and I have been judged and dismissed at most of our enquires. After paying small fortunes for tests and specialists expertise we were at a loss. Until last week when his shoulder blade appeared ‘displaced’ .. it was stomach turning for me as a mum. Having just met Jo at a Women’s Business and Networking lunch, where she is obviously regarded highly, I reached out for a recommendation ofwhat to do. Jo was able to fit us in on the weekend so my son didn’t have to miss school, was able to relate and connect with him immediately, showed him, listened to him and VALIDATED his pain and issues. There are no miracle fixes for him and it will take patience and work, but the transformation in his attitude overall, having been listened to and having someone take the time to thoroughly explore what, why and how his condition/issue is, was remarkable! Thank you Jo for your thorough examination and feedback, you are one in a million! I was so taken aback by the experience myself I had to hug her!🙂

Angela Milligan

Jo is a true professional & her approach is a cut above the pack when it comes to your health & fitness. Highly recommend her services to get yourself ontrack!!

Annalee Brumby

Dear Jo,You are the ideal Pt!@You push me in a way that I respond to.I want to work for you (and for me of course) which I’m not sure if you know is a hard task.Some other pt techniques(none of yours) give me the shits to the point where i don’t want to do it.I know i whinge a bit, working on making it a positive whinge then no whinging at all.I know I’m frustrating and i appreciate your tolerance.You rock.Keep it up.



Jo’s attitude towards fitness is as individual as her clients. She’s always got time to understand where I’m at and what’s going on with my body. Her interest, knowledge and skill in women’s fitness particularly is unparalleled in Hobart. I have a number of challenging, long standing injury issues. Jo has taken the time to understand these and she’s always checking in with me about those before we start a session. One on one PT sessions are focussed and I always walk away feeling energized and positive about my body. On group PT, which are 4 people max, she still manages to ensure everyone’s individual needs are met. I highly recommend her!

Marg Marshall

Jo is a true professional & her approach is a cut above the pack when it comes to your health & fitness. Highly recommend her services to get yourself ontrack!!

Christine Bayley

HAPPY HIKES – Hiking Fitness – Testimonials

Living in Tasmania allows for plenty of beautiful walks, something I have always enjoyed.   Coming across Hike Ready, has helped me extend this interest.   When I saw Tasmanian Iconic Walks inaugural hike come up, I knew it was something I wanted to do, but needed to prepare for.  I’ve now done that hike twice &   loved it.  The information Jo provides  from experience  and genuine passion has made Hike Ready an invaluable tool  for physical & mental preparation. I’ve gone from being uncertain, to confidently throwing my gear in to a day pack & knowing I’m ready for another fabulous day of exploring.    Looking forward to joining the Hike Ready community in 10 walks in 10 weeks, what better way to keep challenging yourself.  

Kirsty Williams

Over a 6 month period jo supervised my training for an endurance walk.  As I have a fairly unique body the goal of walking 25 km in a team was initially daunting.  But bit by bit I got stronger and more capable.  I learned how to prepare mentally as well as physically, and nutrition on the day and leading up to the event was addressed too.  Having this goal inspired me, and I loved having a challenging event to look forward to knowing I was well prepared for it. If you have a challenging event coming up I highly recommend Jo to get you HIKE READY! 

Marg Marshall

WORKSHOP Testimonials

I recently did the Sleep like a Baby session with Jo, and it was really helpful. Lots of simple, well researched ideas, that helped my sleepdeprived brain pull together a plan. Jo is friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable, and I’m sleeping much better, thank you! 

Leishka Watkins 2019

Sleep testimony –following workshop How to Sleep like a Baby