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If this is your first time here you can book a complimentary 30 minute consult to ensure we are a good fit. During this time I’m interested in what’s going on for you, what’s worked in the past and what hasn’t. I have experience with a diverse range of women with some fairly complex issues. I’ll be upfront if I think I can help, or not.

During the 30 minute free consult you can:

– Find out more about me (and I about you)

– Nut out your health goals

– Get direction on realistic timelines, holistic services around managing stress, strategies for sleeping well and eating to bring you back from fatigue, tummy troubles and foggy brain symptoms.

I have specific experience in complex health challenges including cancer, birth trauma, long standing skeletal issues (backs, shoulder and hips in particular) and autoimmune management. I also have specific expertise in the health and wellbeing of women over 40, including managing and stabilising hormonal flux.  I have a sensational healthy eating program called Eating for Energy and Zing which includes face to face or 1 on 1 virtual women’s health coaching for over 40s.  This approach is all about sensible and sustainable lifestyle change – changing habits and creating a healthy mindset.

I can design a program tailored to fit your needs perfectly or perhaps find an online course that might suit your needs.

Thanks for considering me as your holistic personal trainer and well-being coach.

Jo Cordell-Cooper


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I contacted Jo a couple of months ago. I was nursing a hip injury and had been inactive for a while and just feeling yuk.
Jo made me feel so comfortable and gave me options based on the information I gave her, so I was able to also do workouts at home, she has a wealth of knowledge and knows exactly what I need.
I have definitely noticed an improvement and feel great every time I leave.

Anna Applebee (2022 client)

I have had the best time training with Jo – I feel as a person I have grown and in terms of physical fitness I have grown greatly. Although we train in a group of up to 4 people I still feel I have that personal support of Jo. She is able to structure the sessions to provide variety as well as adaptation to each person’s strengths and capabilities. The benefit of group PT is also that on some days you are the strong one, leading and inspiring the others in the group and on other days you are the one learning from them and striving to get to that point.

Jodie Hayes

Childcare Centre Manager

I started going to Jo about 6 months ago to improve my posture, now 6 months later not only is my posture is improving but I am also stronger and fitter in general! Before going here I was not at all enthused about going to a gym as I didn’t like the idea of there being lots of people around and I also had 0 idea how to use gym equipment. But at Jo’s gym it is easy to feel comfortable as the classes are very small and if you don’t remember how to use equipment (I often forget) then Jo is right there to help and is always friendly! As well as all this, the overall environment of the gym is pleasant as you have a lovely view of the bush right there, and occasionally a cat will come past and say hello. Highly recommend 🙂

Lily Connor 2022

Library Assistant

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