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Meet Women’s Personal Trainer, Jo Cordell-Cooper who works from her private gym in Geilston Bay near Lindisfarne, Hobart, Tasmania.

 Jo Cordell-Cooper is a specialised women’s personal trainer, fitness specialist and health coach.  

 Initially Jo was a teacher, a health and wellbeing specialist.  After 10 years of teaching Jo switched into personal training and health coaching.  Her qualifications and expertise are extensive and are listed here so you are confident she has the skills to help you.

Jo has over 15 years experience as a personal trainer.  Her qualifications are as unique as she is, as one of 4 Level 2 Kaizen Health Practitioners within Australia.  Additionally in 2020 Jo trained as a Cancer Exercise Specialist.  She is 1 of only 2 exercise professionals with this unique advanced personal training qualification within Hobart.

The Kaizen way of life is one of continuous and incremental improvement.

Here’s a Photo of the Team Jo completed here initial training with under the guidance of Dave Liow and the fabulous Angela Lee Jenkins. Jo additionally completed the second level of training – Advanced Health Coach.  All of this is on the back of a 4 year trained tertiary movement specialist – Bachelor of Education, majoring in Physical Education, K-10, & sub majoring in Health Education  completed in 1993 (University of Tasmania). 

Since completing the Kaizen Advanced Health Practitioner Level 2 Jo has completed the Cancer Exercise Specialist qualification – a prestigious specialisation from the US.  There is no comparable training within Australia.  Jo is available for online personal training for clients who can not attend in person due to their location, low immune situation or COVID-19 isolation.  Jo Cordell-Cooper is fully qualified and registered (level 3) women’s specialist personal trainer but additionally offers personal training to children, mid life and older adults as well as pre and post natal women at her private gym at Geilston Bay, near Lindisfarne, East of Hobart.  Mostly Jo’s clients have health issues that mean a mainstream gym approach leaves them sore and injured. All clients receive a full assessment prior to undertaking personal training because this ensure a progressive and injury free experience.



What are Jo’s personal training qualifications (and what do they mean)

Jo has an impressive personal development list and everything she does is not listed here.  Jo could work in any gym and any body with just about any condition.  These personal training qualifications show her dedication to the fitness industry and clients:

Kaizen Health Practitioner April 2017Advanced Health Coach Level 1

Movement base assessment, health coaching, cortisol testing and food sensitivity testing – testing, analysis and lifestyle interventions around these results

  • Kaizen Advanced Health Practitioner April 2018Advanced Health Coach Level 2

Muscle testing 8 base tests – are muscles firing as they should, is the brain connecting to the muscle group – do muscles fire in the correct order – Assess and activation techniques

Thyroid testing – using the readily available blood chemistry tests that a regular GP can order we can apply your results to function or lifestyle medicine criteria and come up with some lifestyle interventions to improve your health.

  • Cancer Exercise Specialist November 2020

 Learning about the numberous cancers, treatments and surgeries, contra-indications for exercise, drug therapy and side effects, and extensive base and postural assessment so we can get the training right from day 1!  Jo’s personal training approach will get you prepared for surgery and rehabilitation.


Jo has the full range of personal training qualifications for land

Certificate IV in Fitness (SRF40206) 2009   

Certificate III in Fitness Gym Instructor  (SRF 30206) 2007 

Kettlebell (2013), Kettlestep 2015 and Suspension Trainer Level 1 (2014) 

Delegate at FILEX (National Fitness Convention 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016) 

Bronze Medallion, Austswim, First Aid, Resuscitation – all current 

 Jo won the AusActive Personal Trainer of the Year in Tasmania in 2022, and 2023.  No other PT has received this award twice.

JO has a number of personal training in water qualifications:

  • Certificate III in Fitness – Instruct Water Based Fitness Classes for Low Risk Clients2009  (also industry trainer in this area for 3 years)
  • Master Trainer Aqua Strength 2017
  • Industry Trainer and Assessor – Instruct Water Based Fitness Classes for Low Risk Clients 2009 – 2011
  • Certificate IV Training &Assessment – Tasmanian Polytechnic 201


This stuff is quite specialised and ensures Jo can call herself a women’s personal trainer specialist:

  • Exercising For Two – 2011 (Pre-natal), Pelvic Floor First Module 1 & 2 March 2012
  • BEAT IT – Physical Activity & Lifestyle Program (AustDiabetes Council) 2011 
  • Seniors Personal Trainer 2009  
  • Kids Personal Trainer 2012
  • Pelvic Floor First Core Foundations 2012 and revisited 2017

Jo’s personal training qualifications are further extended here – this stuff is highly specialised (in fact no other personal trainer in Hobart, Geilston Bay or Tasmania has this skill set!


Is Jo any good as a men’s personal trainer?

Quick answer, yes.  The specialisation of being a women’s personal trainer came about with a true love of working with those wanting to safely exercise while pregnant and exercise after baby is born with all those body changes considered.  Men without that complication are a simpler beast – but not always less complex.  Jo loves working with men on a weight loss mission, or to assist during cancer treatment and recovery.  Hip, ankle, knee and back issues are essentially the same in men and women and these are areas Jo can really help you with.


A women’s personal trainer specialist (water and land based personal training Hobart and Geilston Bay)

Jo Cordell-Cooper is a specialist in female fitness and women’s personal training due to her extended study, expertise and experience in the area of ante natal exercise.  Jo has taken hundreds of women through her Pregnancy Aqua program and many have returned with subsequent pregnancies.  During her personal training studies in Hobart she completed a particularly intensive study in pelvic health as her brother had recently undergone a hip replacement.  This investigative study gave her an excellent foundation with which to work with pregnancy related pelvic conditions such as sacro iliac issues, pelvic floor, pubic symphysis dysfunction, general pelvic instability and abdominal separation.

Water and land based women's personal training

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