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Jo, who specialises in women’s fitness has a private studio in Geilston Bay, Hobart – a serene and private personal training studio for women.  This space is purpose built, indoor / outdoor, and located in the bush.  It’s a place that facilitates healing and improving movement and health for busy women who need an attentive personal approach.   If one word sums up who Jo works with that word would be complex, and of course female.

We start with assessing the way you move and consider your whole health status.

Following your thorough base assessment of posture, strengths and weaknesses and an understanding of any previous injuries or illnesses Jo can then develop your personal training plan.    We want to know what’s important to you – and we train you to that end.  Your exercise program has to be relevant to the life you lead right?

Indoor / outdoor – you’ll want to be here to workout, rejuvenate, and / or just enjoy this beautiful place.

Jo's private studio


What do you want and need? 


Highly attentive 1 on 1 personal training or a group with people just like you – similar goals, similar needs, and available at a time that suits  


Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

Personal training
Personal training with Jo has a holistic feel – it’s more than just the workout.  If you have muscle imbalances or long standing health issues 1 on 1 personal training with Jo is where you want to be.  Jo specialises in women’s fitness as well as people with ‘tricky’ bodies.  Personal training is at the studio in Geilston Bay.
small group PT
Small group personal training (4 max) has many of the benefits of 1 on 1 personal training but at less than half the cost.  Our small group personal training sessions are still individualised and come with a built in cheer squad. Small group personal training is at the studio in Geilston Bay.

Then there is the ULTIMATE personal training and wellness coaching package.  

our Ultimate 12 or 24 week Lifestyle Change package

Join holistic personal trainer Jo Cordell-Cooper for our 12 or 24 week ULTIMATE Lifestyle Package.  Our holistic approach enables you to improve your health across the spectrum of health issues

On fitness:-

tone up, get strong, build your fitness – repair and recover

On lifestyle:-

what are your priorities?  Live your best life in alignment with what is important to you

On nutrition:-

Nutrition made simple – discover what foods and eating plans really work for you – we have over 50 recipes that are quick and easy

This package is for the person who is looking for a very thorough and holistic approach to improving their health.

This approach includes:

  • adrenal stress testing (cortisol stress hormone tested)
  • food sensitivity testing & our clean eating guide
  • the Kaizen Health and Lifestyle Plan
  • our 50 quick and easy recipes cookbook
  • access to our VIP facebook group
  • healing ‘working in’ exercises
  • accountability – if you are not on track we will ring you!

The best is yet to come

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