Breast support during exercise

In my job as a fitness professional I often see women exercising who clearly look uncomfortable as their breasts move excessively as they exercise.  Breasts that are not adequately supported by your bra can result in discomfort for you and perhaps embarrassment.  Here are a few tips to keep your achieve breast support during exercise so you are comfortable as you workout.

Choose a good bra – sometimes 2

Sports bras like any bra work best when they are fitted by a specialist.  Over the last few years your body shape has changed either with weight loss or gain, various stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding.  With each change your bra size has also changed and a little expert advice will help you find the best fit.  For the record, bra’s with underwires, separate cups and rear fastener are generally more supportive than crop tops.  For the breastfeeding exerciser and large breasted women I recommend both – underwire bra underneath with a crop top over the top

Choose the best exercise for you (and your breasts)

High impact exercise will be more traumatic for your breasts with biomechanical testing showing breasts can move upward of 12 cm during the workout.  So if it’s running and jumping movements you want to do – get a good supportive bra!  I often have ladies attending my aqua boot camp classes with very little breast support – a pair of bathers might cover you well enough – but how well are your breasts supported in vertical movements?  Wear a crop top underneath bathers and this will help significantly!

Gauge the success of your bra with comfort

If you are comfortable you bra is probably adequate – simple as that!


As you get older elasticity in the breasts (all skin actually) decreases.  In short, the older you are the more support you need.

So in summary, if you are exercising with any level of impact choose a bra and activity that will offer breast support during exercise.


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