Cleaning eating is not a fad diet, its a healthy way to live.  It’s probably the way your grandparents ate and will leave you feeling more energized, it can improve digestion and reduce bloating, while fueling your body for what ever challenges you have over your day.


By clean eating, the primary consideration is to reduce processed food, remove added sugar, salt, caffeine and alcohol.  We are eating food that is not far from its natural state.  We are unloading digestion and focusing on foods that will assist this.   It is an approach that draws on a number of healthy eating principles such as high fibre, high alkaline and low inflammation without strictly being any one thing.

  • There are no calories to count.
  • You can eat 3 – 6 meals a day.
  • You might lose weight (you might not).
  • You’ll probably change your taste buds.
  • You should find yourself with higher levels of energy
  • You can use recipes you already use, within the guidelines

All of these factors rely on where your diet is at right now.  Try this when you are in a ‘good space’, when you are looking for change and there aren’t a whole load of distractions around you (like Christmas and the Taste of Tasmania).

Here are the general clean eating guidelines:-

For clean eating eliminate

  • added sugar or sweeteners,
  • alcohol,
  • caffeine,
  • dairy,
  • sweets or treats,
  • pasta or pastries,
  • bread and noodles
  • oil and butter (except cold pressed olive and coconut oil)

For clean eating add in:

  • Fresh fruit and veg,
  • lean meat, fish,
  • legumes, brown rice,
  • herbal tea,
  • a little honey,
  • coconut  – oil, milk, cream , yoghurt,
  • almond  or rice or soy milk.
  • Add cold pressed olive oil and coconut oil.


Aim for fresh fruit and veg, but if you are buying frozen or canned foods select foods without added sugar or salt.  Every meal should be vegetable focused.

Here’s my 5 top tips to set you up for successful clean eating and sustained lifestyle change.

1:  start to act 2 weeks before you start your clean eat – planning is essential.  A well thought out clean eating plan is better than will power

2:  reduce nasties – reduce and remove salt, sugar, caffeine and alcohol – you want to start your clean eating regime without withdrawal.  Aim to be free of added salt and sugar, caffeine and alcohol within 2 weeks

3:  clean out the fridge and cupboard – throw out the foods you know do you no good.  This is not a waste of money, it’s an investment in your health.

4:  select recipes that use real food.  Here’s a place to start – I have created in pinterest board full of recipes – it is free to join pinterest and I have done the searching for you.  Google clean eating – you’ll find loads of foods there that will meet your needs.

5: shop and pre-plan your week – prepare any food – always aim to be a day ahead with your food preparation.  Cook for a few hours – get organised!  You can use this planner

download your meal planner here

Follow these 5 steps and you will be well prepared and focused on a successful and healthy eating regime that will improve your health and sense of well being.  If you would like further assistance and a little more support read this article and join a group Being a healthy you –  make contact to join personal training or small group personal training that includes this clean eating approach – email or ring Jo 0409 862206

It all starts with making contact . . . . . #wheretonext


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