Recently I was invited by Childrens Health Association Tasmania (Hobart Mum’s Network) to talk about easy workouts for time poor mums.  These easy workout can be done at home or at a park and require no equipment.  To improve your fitness it is always best to vary your workout.  But if you complete these 5 exercises a number of different ways that will go a long way to making your body strong.  If you do not know how to do these exercises please seek out an exercise professional who can show you.  I do not want to be too technical or assume you know how to do a whole bunch of exercises.

Here are the ‘essential’ 5 exercises of any workout and a number of ways to vary your workout to keep your body guessing as to what is coming next

The big 5 are:

  1. squats x 10 – 15
  2. lunges x 8 – 15 each side
  3. deadlifts x 8 -15 – just body weight – double legs or single
  4. pushups from your knees – can be off a table x 8 – 15
  5. a plank – lying flat / from your knees / from your toes – 20-45 secs

Here’s some ways to complete them:

On a loop

do 1 round of exercises 1-5 in that order.  Repeat 3 times

Pure repetition

do exercise 1, rest 30 seconds, repeat, rest 30 seconds, repeat – do the same for each exercise


do 10 reps of each exercise 1-4 – then 8, then 6, then 4 then 2  rest in between as needed – finish with 3 planks with 30 secs rest in between


do 2 reps of exercise 1-4, then 4, 6, 8 ,10, rest in between as needed – finish with 3 planks with 30 secs rest in between


do 2 reps of exercises 1-4 then 4, 6, 8 ,10 then count down 8, 6, 4 ,2 done – except for 3 planks with 30 secs rest in between

  • Use these in conjunction with a brisk walk.
  • Swing your arms if you are not pushing a pram
  • If you are pushing a pram keep your body upright – ‘fish hook through the sternum’

Using a pilates ball on your back:

  • place the ball between the knees, squeeze and lift and lower your hips x 10-15
  • lift the hips and hold 20-45 secs
  • place ball under your feet – lift hips and hold 20-45 secs

On your side:

squeeze ball between your calves and lift and lower both legs – keep hips stacked

On your tummy:

Try a plank off your knees with elbows on ball, if you can do with for 30 secs + try off your toes

More advanced – try with straight arms hands on ball – off knees / off toes

Note – if you are feeling the pelvic floor ‘bulge’ or drop lift the pelvic floor before any and all of these exercises.  See a physio if you are experiencing issues like leaking of urine, a feeling of sagginess, or generally suspect your pelvic floor is not recovering post birth.

Like to workout with Jo – safe postnatal exercise is what we do!

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