Foam ankle cuffs ‘change’ the way your muscles contract in water

By wearing foam ankle cuffs your water workout increases in intensity as well as strengthening and toning butts, guts and hamstrings.  Water workouts have long been considered the gentler exercise option as people rarely get stiff and sore – but actually this is because of the double concentric muscle contraction – an advantage of working in a reduced gravity environment (are your eyes glazing over yet – stick with me).  Foam ankle cuffs use buoyancy as a force (kind of the opposite to gravity) and (here’s the exciting bit) changes the way the muscles contract to be similar to land based muscle contractions – and that’s handy, and functional, and ask anyone – hard work.

Foam ankle cuffs make your water workout more intense

I use foam ankle cuffs for high intensity water workouts.  Additionally I might use them with a water based personal training client who is needing a land based muscle contraction or more resistance to muscle groups in the thighs, hamstrings, glutes or the core.  I’ve used them to develop strength before surgery, and after as part of their rehabilitation.  Most people find that about 8 minutes of exercise in water with the foam ankle cuffs on is enough.

Foam ankle cuffs are not suitable for every body though.

I would not allow any of my pregnant ladies to use them as the water workout is possibly too strong around the pelvis and core.  Pregnancy is a time to be a little conservative when it comes to exercise selection and the pelvis.  I’m also cautious with the participant with hip or knee injuries.  If you can not swim I would not recommend them either – they are buoyant foam ankle cuffs after all and it is not a nice experience being face down or stuck on your back if you do not have any idea how to regain your feet.  However, for most people using foam ankle cuffs during your water workout will only enhance your fitness.  Give them a try!!

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