Pelvic floor exercise is an important part of your exercise regime that is often neglected until the need to do it is ……. obvious.  So if you are having symptoms like wind escaping unexpectedly, weeing when your sneeze or cough or blow up a balloon, weeing when you do high impact exercise, (weeing unexpectedly covers it I think), lower back pain, a feeling of sagginess in the pelvic floor area you may have pelvic floor weakness.  Pelvic floor exercise can help here and I’ll be posting some audio recordings shortly about this.  I posted this statement below on FB and got this amazing response just 2 weeks later:

My statement on FB was not actually about pelvic floor exercise – it was more about the cueing that has become mainstream in the fitness industry that may be causing you problems

“Draw your belly button to your spine – lock on your core – you feel strong and supported right? Wrong. You’ve just switched on your obliques and rectus abdominals – these are your big gun muscles that sit on top of your deep transverse core. You’ve just over ridden the body’s natural deep girdle. It’s not your fault – the fitness industry has been telling you to do this for years . Decades. Stop. You have back stiffness perhaps? You are definitely pushing down on your pelvic floor when your brace like this. Deep core activation comes from the pelvic floor recruitment – recruit the pelvic floor and the transverse abs (deep core) switch on. Pelvic floor first! I’ll be posting some more info in the blog part of my website over the next few weeks – so stay tuned – and stop locking your whole ab area unless you are lifting something heaving or unpredictable”

And this statement came back from a young, healthy woman who has not had children but has ongoing back pain

“I dont think I can put into words how much this simple post has done for me. with what I’d like to call a sensitive lower back, I’ve tried pilates which seemed to make it worse, bracing the core is some times just to big of a change and i know it just doesn’t feel right. You have finally provided me with an option that really supports my body thankyou so much”

What else can I say, but learn how to do your pelvic floor exercises – the pelvic floor is the ‘floor of the core’ so lift pelvic floor first!

Jo Cordell-Cooper is Pelvic Floor First trained.  For more information on pelvic floor exercise and issues look at our other articles:

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