How to find the best personal trainer for you

Looking for a personal trainer in Hobart?  Look no further than experienced women’s personal trainer Jo Cordell-Cooper!  Before you make contact though lets consider what to look for when you hire a personal trainer.   Do you just google “Personal Trainer in Hobart” and see what comes up, or do you look for a personal recommendation, a convenient location, or compare what each personal trainer charges?  Have you wondered if they are qualified?  Here is my 6 tip plan for getting the right personal trainer for you.

1)  what do you want out of your personal trainer?  

Are you looking for compassion (and you need rehab), a depth of understanding of pre and post natal conditions, someone that understands auto-immune conditions, child care (flexibility), intensity (gimme 10 more), a motivator – what personality traits are necessary for you to meet your goals.  Make sure your personal trainer offers what you are looking for.

2)  what qualifications or experience does the trainer have for what you want/need?

 Personal Trainers have a minimum certificate 4 in Fitness – its not rude to ask for a copy – you are about to make an investment – make sure they have the certification in the areas they say they do.  Expertise in kettle bells, pelvic floor recruitment, TRX and many other typical training tools come with additional training.  Holistic personal training is very rare and might include blood chemical analysis, hormone profiling, food sensitivity testing and cortisol (stress hormone) testing as well as an in depth understanding of nutrition (without being a nutritionist).

3)  Does this personal trainer work with women aged 40 and over?

That’s what I specialise in – read on if that is what you need!!  All trainers have their preferred type of client – for example – body builders are not going to come my way – this is not an interest area of mine.  However if you are a women going through a ‘stage’ I’m your girl – pregnancy exercise, exercise after baby, rehab, time poor, hormonal flux and perhaps dealing with autoimmune conditions these are all stages I have expertise in.  So make sure the trainer you are talking to is interested in your journey.

4)  Do we gel ?  Personal training is personal!  

Life’s too short to be with someone you don’t like.

5) Considering your timetable – can you take part when personal training spots are available?

I’m in Geilston Bay to be specific – does this suit or would you prefer online personal training because I offer that too?  (I have a private indoor / outdoor gym set into the bush – it’s beautiful – just saying!!).  What setting would you like?

6)  How much does a personal trainer cost?

Do they have a payment arrangement that suits?  Can you afford them?  Generally this is the first question a prospective client will ask – what do you charge – but a little further questioning may uncover that a client can actually see you up to 4 times a week if they join in small group sessions the cost is reduced.

So now you are armed with a few more tips on hiring a personal trainer.  Good luck and if you think I might be a good fit book in for a complimentary 30 minute health call here 

By Jo Cordell-Cooper who runs award winning Jo CC Holistic PT  – finding the RIGHT balance for women at all ages and stages.  Ph: 0409 862206 


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