As a 3 time past participant of the Point to Pinnacle half marathon walk I am well aware that the speed at which this event must be carried out at is going to lead to muscle soreness and I wonder if you have considered a Point to Pinnacle recovery plan to minimise this?  Here are my 8 top tips, my 48 hour recovery plan:


Hydration starts on Saturday – ensure your body is well hydrated, reduce caffeine and eliminate alcohol use on Saturday.  Both lead to increased urination and this can leave the body feeling dehydrated.  If you need a caffeine hit before the race make it early – you don’t want to be finding the loo during the race.  Drink small regular amounts during the race to keep hydrated.  If its a hot day take some electrolytic drink with you, my electrolytic drink of choice is nuun (you can buy from Anaconda and some chemists)

Body preparation (and I don’t mean fitness)

Does your body benefit from a massage, foam rollering, a good long stretch?  Do this a day or 2 out from event day so you enter race day with your body at it’s best


No more workouts – a light walk is of value – but if you have not done enough preparation at this point it’s too late

Race plan

A good race plan has factored in the need to stretch when you start getting sore.  Perhaps at every drink station stop and take 5 minutes to stretch quads, hamstrings and calves.  Give yourself permission to do this – you body will immediately thank you

Just after the race

Your feet will be sore, your body will be too but don’t just collapse in a seat.  Finish the race but keep moving, stretch and pop your warm clothes on

Later that day

Get to the pool.  Using a deep water belt (borrow from the lifeguards at Hobart Aquatic Centre), or a noodle do the lightest workout ever – lengthen out, deep water run, kick front and back and side to side – move in all directions – the deep cool water will indeed heal.  Have a long, warm bath, do some foam rollering, and/or stretch long and slow

The next day

If you haven’t been to the pool yet – go today.  The first time I did the Point to Pinnacle I was scheduled on to take 3 aerobics classes Monday morning – the first one nearly killed me, but after 30 mins stretching out in the deep water I was almost back to normal for the next two.  If you can do nothing else, do this.  I am absolutely convinced deep water exercise makes more difference to recovery than any thing else!  Foam rollering is the next best option in my opinion, and a warm bath with a stretch session comes a close third.


Go for a light and enjoyable walk today – and you’ll be right as rain by Wednesday 🙂  Good luck!!

Make contact if you’d like with race preparation or recovery . . . .  #wheretonext

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