Exercise After Pregnancy

Growing and then having a baby is quite possibly the biggest physical shift your body will go through over a 12 month period so that’s why we offer specialised exercise after baby approaches that will meet your needs.

We can:

  • answer any questions you have about how your body has changed
  • calmly and frankly help you with pelvic floor retraining
  • provide abdominal separation rehabilitation
  • improve your posture and back strength
  • help with sore, rounded shoulders? This is largely postural – we can give you take away strategies that are quick and easy that you can do at home
  • refer and / or link in with physiotherapy approaches
  • move you towards more mainstream exercise – we are your link between rehab and gym
  • help you get back in shape.
  • provide tailored video workouts that educate you and meet your needs

We will provide tailored, written and video’d programs that suit you and your fitness needs, whether you are an every day mum or an elite athlete. We know our stuff. This can be a one off session or an ongoing service.

Email for a suitable time, or phone Jo directly 0409 862206

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