Everest Base Camp Training – months 6-9 of a 12 month training schedule

I’m going to Everest Base Camp on the Tibetan side.  Here is a diary of the physical and mental training I did in preparation for this.  Obviously the ultimate goal is to be able to:

  • hike for up to 10 hours a day,
  • with an 8 kilo back,
  • with ever diminishing supplies of oxygen
  • regardless of the weather and/or my health status!
  • for 10 consecutive days

This quarter I have the benefit of a much fitter and stronger body.  As a disadvantage it is Xmas time in 4 short weeks and school holidays until early February – and I have 3 kids and work ….. It’s a difficult time meet fitness goals.  I still don’t have a buddy to hike with.  I had to look forward to a fitness test in the Blue Mountains in early Feb with the Wild Women on Top crew, as well as 8 days camping at Fortescue which is within a national park full of bush walking ( see previous blog entry). I decided I’d take advantage of the long days of daylight and do 1 extended bush walk a month. Here’s the plan

December – Wellington Falls 5-7 hours

Completed with Rotary Exchange student Simon who is well on his way to becoming an endurance elite athlete – lets just say he set a good pace

Wellington Falls Tasmania

Wellington Falls Tasmania

January – Cape  Hauy at Fortescue

Cape Hauy Tasmania

Cape Hauy Tasmania


Feb – Blue Mountains – with the girls

A 10 hour hike – down, along, up, down, along, up, down, along, up

Favorite quote of the day from an enquiring day walker – “Are you girls doing a multi day walk over a few days”, from Carol “No we are just trying to do the whole walk in 1 day”.  Felt like it too (see separate blog)

Three Sisters - Blue Mountains

Three Sisters – Blue Mountains

As well as this I was doing

  • 1 cross fit session per week
  • 1 Bikram session per week
  • 1 PT session
  • 1 hypoxic swim
  • 1 90-2.5 hour hike
  • 1 cardio session – run / bike/ TRX.

I decided to keep focused I’d journal 10 hours of exercise / week – that was my aim

I actually found it a challenge to meet my goals over this quarter.  I just has so many competing demands of family, work and running a house hold and without the routine of school.  Before Xmas I met my goals but then I struggled. It was only just before I went to the Blue Mountains that I picked up my training hours and that was primarily because I was hooked up with a wonderful lady called Tracy who was looking for a hiking pal.

Hiking buddy Tracy

Hiking buddy Tracy

A mutual friend connected us, and now with a like minded soul in my life I could hike further, more remotely, in all kinds of weather.  For our first hike it rained and rained and rained – I rang her and said “I’m still heading up the mountain but I don’t expect you will want to hike in this”.  I was delighted and knew I’d found a BFF when she replied – “I’ve seen the view, it’s a hard hike in the wilderness I’m after”.  We hit it off from day 1.  This was perfect preparation for Everest Base Camp, and her positive and wise mindset was building my confidence.

In Tracy I found a strong hiking buddy who hiked up hills with ease and this gave me confidence (and a reality check) to hike with others.  She explained she hadn’t hiked for awhile and might be a little slow, but she left me in her dust (well mud actually).

Until now I had walked almost exclusively on my own and while I’m self motivated enough to push myself I have no idea how I’ll go with the group I’m heading out with.

Suddenly I was easily meeting my fitness goals, taking rest days without guilt and feeling I had a great balance.  With 1 long day hike every weekend I was getting between 12-15 hours of training each week.  Sundays was reserved for family.  Work found a new easier flow.  I was living the dream.

Mountain Wellington become our favorite haunt and we walked in all weather.  Here are some highlights

Collins Bonnet Tasmania

Collins Bonnet Tasmania

And the view from Trestle Mountain

Trestle Mountain Tasmania

Trestle Mountain Tasmania

Contact me, Jo Cordell-Cooper to help you with your trek training.  PT packages are available, and SKYPE sessions should you be from further away

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