“I’m not fit enough to hike..”

Many people feel they couldn’t do a hiking trip because they aren’t fit

Plus there’s the considerations of:

The right footwear (often boots are TOO HARD – so let me tell you what you need instead)

The terrain (not all walks are up steep hills or over rocky ground)
The preparation time before the ‘event’ (or the long walk)

However you have got to start somewhere, so here are my top tips for those
who are curious about how to start to get fit for bushwalking and longer hikes in general.

To begin with try some easily accessable tracks, something that is well
known because these tracks are generally well formed and not too rugged. If you live in Tasmania try something like:

·      The Alum Cliffs (Kingston)

·      Silver Falls (base of Mount Wellington)

·      The Springs to Junction Hut and return (mid way
up Mount Wellington)

·      Wineglass Bay (East Coast)

Don’t over think things, this is easy walking for those capable enough to
walk for an hour or two.  The terrain on these types of walks is not difficult and sandshoes or hiking shoes will be adequate.

Once you are confident hiking for 1 to 2 hours you are ready to take on something longer – there are many fantastic website resources to find what you are looking for. 

Here are some of my favorites:

If you feel you would benefit from specific preparation for hiking groups
you might consider 6 week HAPPY HIKE supervised 75 minute hikes.

Get sore knees when you hike?

Not sure what to take in your day pack?

Join our Happy HIKES

How do you use hiking poles – and what are good features and what are a waste of money?  Happy Hike sessions address all of this and more!

Preparation for hiking – exercise, food & clothing

Join our 10 week online education series 

For regular preparation for hiking resources on what to wear, what to eat,
and how to prepare for bigger adventures you can’t go past this 10 email series created by Tasmanian Iconic Walks founder and global hiker Jo Cordell-Cooper.  Jo’s personal mission is around getting more people hiking and lowering their risk of stroke.  Healthy levels of exercise actually lower your risk of stroke – did you know that?

Visit our facebook group where people share hikes.  Additionally there are many preparation for
hiking resources and videos provided regularly.
It is a fantastic free resource!

If you have something particularly adventurous that you are training for
such as a multi day hike or something at high altutide Jo offers both online
and face to face coaching to ensure you are fit for your event and thriving
while you hike!  Nothing is more disappointing than not being fit enough to complete a hike you have set out to do – let Jo advise and support you through this process.

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