5 simple ways to manage stress – when your brain is stressed 

In my work as a Holistic Personal Trainer and Health Coach I often come across people who report their brain isn’t working with the clarity it once did and they feel that their ‘brain is stressed’.  They mention brain fog and forgetfulness, a sense of mental overwhelm and they can’t think straight.  Sometimes there’s a real fear that ‘this is the start of the end’, symptoms of early onset dementia, mini stroke or natural aging. My experience is that if you think your brain is stressed then it, and the rest of you probably is too!  My role is not to diagnose but to join the dots and work on lifestyle changes that will unload a weary brain. 

Here are my top 5 tips on managing stress naturally:

1: Address your schedule –  If you are over scheduled and simply way too busy rectify this somehow – as a matter of health and your number one priority.  I see far too many people burning the candle at both ends and pushing themselves to sickness.  Stress in the form of overscheduling can be very harmful to health.  It is no badge of honour to be busy all the time and unable to look after ourselves.  As the saying goes – put your own oxygen mask on first – you’ll be able to give more to others when you do this.

2:  Micro focus – get up close to something in nature – stop – look – be still for a good 5 minutes. What jumps out at you? What can you now see that you could not before? Colours? Living beings? Water? Webs? Sounds? Within a few silent minutes you’ll literally feel different, calmer, more focused.  I’ve mentioned the term forest bathing in previous articles – you can read up on that here on my website

 3: Nurture your self – take a bath / play with a pet / pick some flowers and arrange them. Don’t set yourself a time limit except that do not rush this – enjoy the moment and simplicity of the activity.  Notice the suggestions made here are FREE and FREE – free to do and free to do anytime.

Is laughter the best medicine?

4: Laugh out loud! Whether you get together with some friends, watch a comedy or silly cat videos – schedule some time for laughter – try yoga laughter (it’s a thing – search for it!!). Go crazy with laughter – the hormones released when you laugh are feel good, immunity boosting hormones – so don’t hold back! Laugh!!

Is walking the best way to relieve stress naturally?

5: Walk in nature!  Any advice coming from me is going to include walking or hiking in nature.  Whether you are aiming to address physical, emotional, social, or spiritual health walking in nature covers all without you really trying!  I always feel more connected with myself, this place and the people around me after hiking and you will too!

Obviously though if you have concerns about how your brain is functioning a visit to your GP is recommended.  However, it is never a good idea to medicate over the top of symptoms so consider how you might live differently.  Try my 5 tips on how to manage stress naturally and book in for my complimentary health chat if I can help your further.

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