Where can I enjoy short walks in Hobart?

In my attempts to improve my hiking fitness I always look for short walks in nature that are in my local neighbourhood.  This has become a bit of an obsession for me as it’s always enjoyable to walk somewhere new.  I’m looking for green belts with a hill and a view – the kind of space that feels miles away from city life but is easy to find and close to home. 

 I often find that clients that are keenly interested in hiking adventures are often unaware of what is available on their doorstep.  The tracks are often tucked away at the end of cul-de-sacs or the starting point is between 2 houses so unless you know that you would not know what walking paths are hidden behind.  That’s where my experience comes in. 

 I’ve been offering Friday Night Hikes since 2019, and these walks are offered all year round from 5.15pm-6.30 pm most Fridays.  They continue through winter by torch light! 

If you’d rather go on your own here are my top 8 neighbourhood green spaces.  Some of these areas are well marked, while others can be quite a labyrinth.  My clients often query how I know my way around them so intimately as one path often looks like another.  The answer is I’ve been bumbling around these green spaces for years – getting lost and found, taking notes, and learning which are the best tracks for improving hiking fitness.

 Where are the best short walks on the Eastern Shore of Hobart?

I routinely enjoy walking at:

These short walks will leave you feeling energised and in touch with nature

 These lesser known short walks in Hobart give the feeling that you are miles from anywhere!  Essentially these are man made dirt paths, file trails, mountain bike trails or combinations of.  Find them at:

My advice to you is to wear sensible shoes (sandshoes or hiking shoes), take a back pack, a drink and a few snacks and bumble around.  Remember if you can see the mountain or the river you are truly never lost.  There are also many GPS apps (MapmyRun, Gaia GPS, Trailforks)  that have tracks and trails listed so you can find your way out and back to your car.  If you’d prefer excellent company I have space for a few more in my Friday Night Hikes.  Additionally, I am offering half day hikes on Mount Wellington Kunanyi, Mount Field, Freychinet, Tasman National Parks and around Pilchers Hill and Meehan Range so you can find the highlights in these regions.  Make contact directly if you are interested in this.

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